October 28, 2021

BMW F3X 435D/335D Test Day

There has been much debate on a number of BMW groups over the past few months with some owners of these stunning vehicles being given fake/fudged dyno graphs that have massively inflated torque figures.

We held a dyno day just for the 335d and 435d models recently and credit to a young chap that brought his stunning 435d to Pendle HQ that he fully thought was a true 805Nm (because he had been told this and also given a bit of paper showing 805Nm).

Not only did we dyno test it but the owner also allows us to datalog it to make sure it was correctly calibrated and in this video I’ve tried to explain the datalog and point out a number of things.

We do also have a full video of the day being put together from a film crew that was onsite throughout the day. People who know me within the tuning industry and also many customers know that I’m very straight talking (I call a spade a spade). I will also gladly help anyone out where I can be it customer or tuning company.

This testing day wasn’t aimed at trying to generate any more work for Pendle HQ as thanks to our customers we are always busy, the test day was to put to bed a debate that’s been ongoing for some time.

Although many will say a dyno is just a tool and yes you are right in saying this, but it’s a tool that requires operating correctly to use it to its full potential. Some companies will fudge graphs to show inflated numbers in a hope to win more customers, personally I don’t think this is the case here.

I think the case is that the Dyno Developments Dyno doesn’t safely dyno test these modern BMW xDrive vehicles and it gives fudged graphs (yes the dyno operator really should know this as he should know the ZF8HP Gearbox has a torque strategy and limitations)


Pendle HQ


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