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We Are Pendle Performance

Pendle Performance is one of the longest-standing established tuning companies around, proudly carrying out all research and development in house.

As well as the boasting 40-plus agents across the country and beyond, there are also regional Pendle Performance HQs and R&D centres across the continent. We’re equipped to deal with any car of any vintage with horsepower figures that can eclipse 1000bhp and up to 2.5 tonnes in gross vehicle weight.      

We can offer a truly bespoke solution for each and every customer – something no other major tuning brand can in the same way. Not only does this mean a tailored solution for best results, but also enthusiastic customers who leave with huge smiles on their faces, not to mention exceptional word-of-mouth marketing and ultimately a greater turnover for your business. 

Everything that we sell to market has been extensively researched, tested and perfected in-house before being uploaded to a customer’s ECU, so you can be assured of quality products that deliver consistent excellence.

over two decades of excellence

experience that counts

For more than 25 years, Pendle Performance MD, Martin Westwell, has been concentrating on developing, researching and innovating when it comes to ECU remapping and OBD tuning.

From the early days of motorsport preparation and fabrication with Talbot Sunbeam rally cars and big-bore twin-carb Pinto engine builds, through to more recent focused work with Porsche, BMW and VAG ECU tuning, we can tackle almost any ECU from around the globe from our Lancashire HQ.

The best in the business

the right tools for the job

With our main Lancashire HQ, as well as all of our regional Pendle HQs being equipped with advanced four-wheel drive MAHA dynamometers, Pendle Performance sets the precedent when it comes to range-topping vehicle tuning solutions.

Combined with all of the latest tooling and dealer software that each and every one of our 40-plus agents use on a daily basis, and you can be sure you’re in safe hands.



Remapped my Vito sport x 3.0 and I have to say it was impressive for a van…… service was excellent and Martin knows exactly what he is talking about. Can only recommend this company.

Greg -Google Review

I have used Martin since 2008 when he was growing his business & continue to use him, his knowledge & experience are second to none. The ONLY company I trust to remap My vehicles.
KerbsideDan – Google Review

If your going to do it then do it right the 1st time and get a custom map wrote for your vehicle and your vehicle only – as long as Martin is trading then I wouldn’t look elsewhere!!!

Paul – Google Review


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